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What will blockchain do for you?

And what role will StarkNet play?

Imagine if it was as easy and intuitive to use blockchain tech as the internet. That’s what’s coming thanks to StarkNet. It’s a platform where developers are now building the crypto apps they’ve been itching — but unable — to give you. Until now top blockchains were just too congested, and therefore expensive, to let crypto apps flourish. StarkNet uses clever tech to end the traffic jam, and allow ultra-efficient use of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the missing link in blockchain evolution that will make crypto relevant to all of us.

Coffee to Crypto

How much cryptocurrency would you own today…
if you’d found a helpful app and invested small sums this year?
Just the cost of a coffee, each time you order one…
Try our calculator to find out.

Which cryptocurrency?


FROM Jan 1, 2021 TO Jul 31, 2021
You’d have invested 200
Your crypto would be worth 200

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  • modal image NFTs for all An NFT is a blockchain token which proves you’re the true owner of something digital. It could be a picture, a video, a sound file, or anything else you can store on a computer. NFTs will change the face of what it means to be a ‘collector,’ and become popular gifts. They’re already transforming gaming, like with tradable soccer cards for the digital age. Some have sold for millions, but affordable NFTs are becoming part of everyday life, and StarkNet is provides efficient low-cost minting which is driving this change.
  • modal image What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a system for storing and processing information that puts us all in charge. We know it’s a trustworthy record because everything is being checked by lots of computers. This is instead of trusting a central body like a bank or government. So while it’s best known for powering Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies, it has almost endless uses, if only we can overcome its slowness and puny bandwidth. StarkNet is the efficiency boost that’s doing precisely this.
  • modal image Crypto for everyday expenses We’re not yet using crypto to pay for everyday items. Even though we desperately need fast and efficient options that work globally. Crypto checks all of these boxes – and cleverly does so without us needing to trust an institution, like a bank or credit card company. On the downside, it’s slow and expensive to use. StarkNet addresses these problems, and will give rise to a range of options to pay for purchases of all values, large and small.
  • modal image Applications that transform the world The quality of our lives can be improved by data we can trust. Imagine a network of air-pollution sensors reporting their readings to the public. We as citizens want to ensure that they report consistently, and that their data is recorded and processed properly, with integrity. The better this happens, the more polluters are deterred, and we benefit in peace of mind. StarkNet lets us use blockchain in exciting ways that will improve our lives.

This is for informational purposes and should in no way construed as investment advice